In enthusiastic response to Torbie's first studio CD, Just You, Just Me, critic Alan Bargebuhr of Cadence magazine (August 2007) describes hers as a "new and vital
. . .contralto voice with which she articulates so clearly that the fluidity and natural ease of her phrasing are a delightful surprise. . .[She] demonstrates mastery of both vocal technique and lyric interpretation. . .rife with deliciously implied sensuousness."

And here’s what other listeners are saying about her:

"Watching Victoria Phillips channel that silky, velvety, passionate vibration for the first time was a great healing for me. I considered it a gift I will not soon forget!"
–J. Shobe, first-time listener and new admirer

"Torbie’s sound ranges from tender honesty to sassy playfulness. . .She possesses a broad palette across the gamut of human emotion."
–J. Martineau, pianist

"She swings so naturally. . .there is also a gracious, generous way in which she shares the music that sets her apart. . ." –P. Edelstein, vocalist

"Amazing ears, great taste—and she really swings!" –K. Muir, pianist

"Straight ahead, swingin’, in the pocket—with a obvious love for the genre!"
–B. Philadelphia, pianist

"She is reminiscent of the past great vocalists. There’s a deep richness to her tones that makes her voice very easy to listen to." –L. Kosut, vocalist

"With a glowing tone and delivery reminiscent of the Great Etta Jones, Torbie Phillips treats us to tasteful renditions of these Classic songs that are both mellow and swingin'."
-V. Burns, vocalist

"Torbie Phillips is a joy to listen to. She delivers melodies and lyrics in a gorgeous, relaxed way that makes you want to sit back and listen as though listening to the tunes for the first time." –S. Rancourt, vocalist